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I pick VPI 2.5 yrs ago for my chihuahua and again 2 yrs ago for my chi-poo I have paid faithfully every month know if the puppies needed it I should be covered When I rescue my most recent baby a Great Dane at 3 mo I took her to my vet and treated her for hook worms and a urinary infection. I mentioned to the vets she piddles a little and was told it was due to inflection. I also added her to VPI insurance which took affect in June . Through the next couple months all seemed okay. Sept I noticed the excited peeing was happening in the puppies sleep. Took her back to my vet and was referred to a specialists. After an ultra sound they recommended a scope exam, and then surgery. Their diagnoses with a issue in her bladder and possibly her ureter. Durning surgery the vet found massive infection in my pups bladder they took samples and we treated her. I paid for all treatments and would have regardless but I thought I would get a good amount back I have a decent coverage and deductible. VPI saw it different claiming that this was a pre existing condition out of the total 6 to 7 thousand they sent me a check for 450.00 dollars I am looking to switch all of my babies coverage and recommend you run not walk in the opposite direction from VPI.

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Over $1000

Great Dane

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Under a year

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