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WHAT A FRAUD! We signed our rescue puppy up a few months after we got him, just in case, and are currently in the process of being scammed by this company. He was always our accident prone pup, with access to woods, so we wanted to make sure he was covered if anything ever happened. A few months before we even signed him up he had gotten in to something in the woods that made him very sick and had to be rushed to the emergency vet for fluids. Thus the reason for the insurance sign up in July. In early September or puppy wad diagnosed with epilepsy and I remember feeling this huge sense of relief having this insurance.....even lucky that we had signed him up and he was past the activation date before his diagnosis. The first claim I submitted was for his visit to the specialist which was denied because they do not cover office visits.....fine. The second, and last claim, I submitted was for his medication which I knew was supposed to be covered. Once this claim was submitted and I provided his medical records, they proceded to use any vet visit he ever had as evidence of his epilepsy, even the instance in which it is clearly noted by our vet that he got into something poisonous. When contacting the company all they had were drones answering the phones that just kept repeating "well, our policy..." but could not answer how he can have a pre existing condition when he wasn't diagnosed with any condition until September? Or why we would go through a rigorous and expensive testing if they already knew what it was? If the doctor didn't know what it was and had to refer us to a specialist, what makes the employees at healthy paws more qualified? The best part is that they denied refunding me in full because I had submitted claims....THAT WERE BOTH DENIED! If we weren't saddled with the cost of treating our epileptic dog, I would seriously consider seeking legal counsel to go over the policy and actions taken by healthy paws because there is something seriously wrong here and now that we have a diagnosis from the neurologist, he will never be eligible for insurance again. Thanks for screwing us in the short and long term healthy paws!

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Posted: 09/15/2016

Absolutely fraudulent, agreed. I have lost hundreds of dollars in premiums because of denied claims.
Technically, it is in the fine print, but absolutely disagree that it is "VERY CLEARLY AND DOCUMENTED".

There is no reminder for exams, no other info besides a small link to check the exclusions at the BOTTOM of the welcome email. Buyer beware!!!

Posted: 08/28/2015

Tim, a word of advice. To hear, "Please give xxxx a big hug for us!" after explaining a denied claim to a policyholder, is like telling a parent to give their child a big hug from the health insurance company after explaining why the medical insurance isn't covering the claim. The policyholder is disappointed and frustrated, and that statement comes across as insensitive to their feelings; it sounds fake. Sincerity goes a long way. Saying, "I'm sorry that xxx is experiencing seizures. Unfortunately, his medical records show a number of episodes where xxx had signs/symptoms of having seizures/epilepsy prior to enrollment."

Posted: 09/16/2015

Epilepsy actually implies that the cause of seizures is idiopathic (meaning that other causes have been ruled out- so trauma is not a cause. Trauma is a cause for seizures but not epilepsy). Second of all dogs develop epilepsy usually around the ages of 2-4 years old so it is not something they are born with and if never documented before is not a pre-existing condition. If the pet had "seizure like activity" prior to diagnosis I could see a potential argument as to why they would hesitate to call it a new condition but it depends on what those looked like. It does frustrate me when insurance companies will try to make everything "pre-existing" when the pet came in for something completely unrelated according to the veterinarians. I am sorry that insurance programs are not more straight forward because it would potentially improve chances of pet receiving health care.

Posted: 01/14/2015

It is always difficult for us to deny a claim for one of our pet parents due to a pre-existing condition. Our claims processing is based on the signs/symptoms that were noted by your veterinarian in the medical records for Buddy. Unfortunately, there were a number of episodes where Buddy showed signs/symptoms of having seizures/epilepsy prior to enrollment. Please give Buddy a big hug for us!

The Healthy Paws Team

Posted: 02/10/2015

Epilepsy happens when they are born or a serious accident happened. Like allergies, you're born with. Sorry to say but your dog is probably just the same. Also, it is not diagnosing a condition that makes it pre-existing. If there are symptoms of the disease, but weren't identified as the disease they can and will call it a pre exisiting condition unless it was VERY CLEARLY AND DOCUMENTED w/o question as something else.

Posted: 02/24/2015

Wow! I was seriously considering signing up for Healthy Paws but after reading both responses from the company reps June & Tim - I think not!June's response makes it evident that the pre-existing definition is so ambiguous that it falls in favor of the company as clearly noted in your (Jodi's) review details.
As for Tim's response, again, the cloak of ambiguity is in the vendors’ favor - extremely alarming – I am also taken back by the nonchalant response.
Thank you Jodi for your review...I think our family will unfortunately be saved some heartache through your unfortunate experience with Healthy Paws :( So disappointing for me and I am extremely sad for you and your family.
I think I will start saving rainy day money for that what if moment - instead of lining the pockets of Healthy Paws executives and their investors.