All Bainfields not created equal

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Keep in mind that all Bainfields are not created equal. I have had several friends tell me about Vet's recommending unnecessary additional anesthesia, medications and test at a couple of Bainfields in my area, but had completely different experience when they went to the one I go to. I actually don't go to the Bainfiled closest to me because both times I went there they seemed more concerned with selling me services than with caring for my pet. The wellness plans are great for puppies. Once your dog is older, it just depends on your pet. I have two dogs, a Frenchie and a Boston. It was very reassuring to be able to take them in anytime we had a concern without having to pay an office visit the first couple of years. We kept the plan on the Boston the longest, because he has a tendency to swallow anything he could get a hold of. So we actually upgraded his plan one year to include an x-ray a year since we were concerned about blockages. No that they dogs are 4 years old. we no longer keep the plan, since it is cheaper just to pay for their shots and illnesses are rare. On the other hand, we just got a puppy and we will put her on the plan since the plan is cheaper than paying for all the shots, and spading needed the first year.

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Well Care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Border Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/07/2015

Thanks for posting! It was very helpful and stood out the most to me. I have a 12 week old puppy (Standard Schnauzer) and I found your review to be the most helpful.