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I was skeptical on purchasing any type of pet insurance but owning Golden Retrievers, having our last precious one pass from cancer, I began looking for a reputable company we could trust in case we were 'there' again. I'm so glad we did and glad we chose Embrace after researching many options.
Our first covered claim for illness was an oral mass. We were deeply concerned to see this growth in our 5 yr old furbaby's mouth appear but her amazing vet took great care of her we are thankful to God this growth was benign.

Receiving claim payment (after the deductible) certainly helped with the total out of pocket costs. Libby did not have any non-wellness claims the first year with Embrace so when she needed surgery to remove this mass, we were able to have a discounted deductible too (credit for no illness claims until our second policy year).

The staff at Embrace have been very professional, quick to respond and very helpful. I would have rated the overall higher but this claim was marked complete in error before it was processed for payment, however, once I brought that to the claims department's attention, it was immediately responded to and the claim was processed with payment in just a few short days. Mistakes do happen but what impressed me most was how it was immediately handled and expedited to a manager (without me asking for that). Because of this as well, I am impressed with their service; enough to continue to carry the insurance with Embrace for our furry girl.

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oral mass
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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