Unfortunate surprise from Embrace

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I had Embrace cover all 3 of my pets for over 2 years. I filed a claim when I had to take one of my cats in for a urinary tract issue. It took a few months for my claim to be processed and when I finally contacted them about it, they needed more medical records regarding both cats. After several weeks, I contacted them again and my claim was denied. The OTHER cat had been vaccinated for FIV and had the antibodies in his system. I had documentation that showed he had indeed been vaccinated. Apparently, this was considered a pre-existing condition and Embrace couldn't be sure that he didn't actually have FIV. And FIV is contagious, and the cat with the urinary tract issue could have had that problem due to the FIV that the other cat MAY have.
Bottom line, the claim was denied. They then cancelled the portion of my insurance dealing with health issues, but left intact the accident part of the insurance.

To their credit, they did refund the portion of the insurance I paid that dealt with health issues. I decided to cancel all of it because my boys are indoor, and although they can still have accidents, I would probably be better off just paying out of pocket. Any other health issues are not covered anyway. So no cancer, diabetes, thyroid, etc...

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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