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Because we had a dog previously who had significant health problems and astronomical vet bills, when we got a second dog, (a puppy), we decided to get insurance for both dogs. This was in 2010. The insurance would only cover new problems for our old dog, but all problems for our new dog. Recently our second dog had GDV. This is something to which barrel chested dogs are prone, where the animal's stomach flips, cutting it off from the blood stream. If not corrected within two hours or so, the dog dies. We got Pickle, our 4-year old Standard Poodle straight to the emergency vet. They administered major surgery to save her, but save her they did. $4,500 and 6 weeks later, she is healed, happy and healthy again. After filing our claim to Healthy Paws, our part of the bill was about $500. The $4,000 was reimbursed to us within the week by Healthy Paws. They are a great company and we are so grateful for their coverage and the protection they have given our dogs.

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Gasto Distended Volvulus
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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