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Trupanion is, by far, the most honest and helpful company I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. After my experiences this year, I seriously recommend that if you care about your dog, get him or her a policy. The following is a story that will prove why a simple monthly bill will save you in the future. (I’m a teacher, not a salesperson, so my apologies for this long essay!)
My dog's name is Rosie and she is around 13 years old. A beagle/rat-terrier mix, she has adorably corgi-like ears and brown eyes that look right into your soul. Rosie is a trained therapy and retired service dog and has put smiles on more people’s faces than I can remember.

Rosie had a rough life as a puppy. It wasn’t until she was around 3 years old that a rescue group saved her and she adopted me. The veterinarian who helped me get Rosie healthy again recommended dog insurance. After some investigation and consideration, I signed up with Trupanion. This was because they cover 90% of the actual veterinarian's bill (not what an unknown group claimed a treatment “should” cost). They understand that a vet bill for a service in Massachusetts may be different than that same service in Colorado. They also have no payoff limit. So, I paid the monthly bill and kept up with her health.

Trupanion helped with her bills throughout her life, but their true commitment to caring for animals showed this year when Rosie started having difficulties climbing stairs and stopped running around. Our veterinarian did all sorts of tests and treatments. All this time, Trupanion kept up with their end of the deal, helping with costs that included multiple x-rays, medications and blood work. They never declined a bill. After exhausting his resources, our vet recommended we see a specialist. After a consultation with a top-notch surgeon, the problem was identified, and Rosie went in for surgery the next day.

As it turned out, Rosie had a lipomatous mass (the benign fatty tumors that look like lumps under the skin of many dogs). However, unlike those that grow under the skin and create no health risks, this one was between her hipbone and muscle. As it grew, it pushed the muscle away from her bone and snaked its way through any opening it could. Altogether, I estimate it was about the size of an egg. Our wonderful surgeon was able to remove it… including the part that had grown all the way around the sciatic nerve (if you don’t know what that is, I recommend you look it up… my dog was in a lot more

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lipomatous mass in her right hip
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