Our cat Pete is fine

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we were out of town & our male cat Pete started vomiting & not eating. We couldn't come home, so our neighbor took him to the vet for us. At first our vet thought he had pancreatitis...he didn't eat for a couple of days...they did x rays & ultrasounds....they had him on fluids...He still wasn't eating...we were really worried...being out of town....we spoke to the vet several times a day...but at first it was unclear exactly what was wrong...he continued to throw up, a second ultra sound showed an small foreign item in his small intestine..our vet did surgery at night , she said he would nt make it if she waited...she removed a small plastic thing from his intestine....the bill for all this was quite large....lots of exrays, meds, ultrasounds...fluids....ICU care....the total bill was for almost $6k, pet plan processed the claim in abt 3 weeks...we got a check for $5k...what a relief to have pet insurance...we have had Pete for a couple of yrs...he has never swallowed any thing foreign before...but the insurance saved us a ton of money....so glad we had the insurance....i almost hesitated to get insurance on Pete because he is young & indoors....but glad i did..pet plan is a good way to go ....

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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