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My Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, Margo turned a year old at the end of September 2014. She had been very healthy up until the past couple of months. After tests, x-rays and a CT scan, Margo was finally diagnosed as having an extrahepatic portosystemic liver shunt. This is an abnormal connection between the portal vein and systemic circulation. Her condition required extensive testing, surgery and several days of hospitalization totally close to $6000.
It is so rare to find a company that is as efficient and honest as Healthy Paws. I was able easily scan and upload ALL of Margo’s bills. I received an answer within 5 days and payment in less than 10 in all cases. Everything was covered exactly as promised.

I have made recommendations to friends, my vet and the hospital where Margo had her surgery. My husband and I are recently retired and it would have been quite a financial hardship to pay for the care and procedures that Margo required. We are so thankful that Healthy did exactly as promised.

I had an account with different pet insurance company for my older dog. This policy was more expensive and was supposed to cover certain preventative issues. While Ollie was never ill, everything we submitted was questioned. The amounts covered were not even close to the amount billed and the payment system was extremely slow. Our vet originally told us that she could not recommend any pet insurance company because so many clients had issues; however, she had never heard of Healthy Paws until I showed her our statements and the benefit contract. She now feels comfortable recommending Healthy Paws. I am so happy that I now have this insurance for both of my dogs! Margo’s illness was such a big shock but thanks to Healthy Paws, it will have a happy ending.

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Yorkshire Terrier

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