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Never had pet insurance before for any of my dogs. When we decided to finally make a permanent move with the dogs to our ranch in Hawaii, I realized this was going to be a whole new world of potential risks they would be exposed to. So, seemed like a good time to give Healthy Paws a try. Sure enough, after about a year and a half our youngest dog was getting a little too comfortable with full-throttle sprints through all the wide open spaces and ends up rupturing the ligaments in one of her hind legs. So, now we've got a series of visits with the vets and reconstructive surgery on the horizon. I immediately gave Healthy Paws a call to see what I needed to do. They were very helpful and made the process completely worry-free. While preparing for surgery, I had her mainland vet fax all her medical history to Healthy Paws. The day after the surgery, I submitted all the invoices from the various vet visits and the surgeon. Within 4 days, I received confirmation the claims were processed and the reimbursement checks were in the mail. After a week, I received an email asking how our dog was doing and offering to assist with any other needs that may have arisen.
I've never had such an easy and pleasant experience with any type of insurance matter. I only wish our human health insurance system could function this well.

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joint/tendon injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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