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When news got to me that my barely adult cat got hit by a car and rushed to late night ER, my first thought was "thank goodness I thought of pet insurance months ago." It was something that seemed superfluous at the time, but I still felt I needed it. I'm not even sure how I found Healthy Paws over the other companies, but it seemed very reasonable and more personal, so I chose it.
The next day when I was told my cat needed surgery, I called Healthy Paws to ask all the questions I could think of to make sure I would do everything correctly and make their job as easy as possible so I could stop stressing out. I was told the lines were busy and they would call me back within the hour. Sure enough, before the hour was over I got a call back. The woman who spoke with me was so kind and comforting and answered all my questions easily. I didn't feel like I was talking to an insurance agency, I was talking to a compassionate human being who understood my dilemma and anxiety.

The claim process was very quick and easy and the approval process equally so. I appreciated everything they were able to do and because of Healthy Paws, I was able to keep my precious family member around. With friends and family hearing of the incident, I already made recommendations to those who asked about my insurance. Easiest recommendation I've been able to make.

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Over $1000

Pixie Bob

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1 - 8

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