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My Ridgeback, Jax, had emergency surgery 3 years ago when he was 8. I didn't have insurance and it cost me $10K. Expensive lesson to learn but I learned it and covered him with another insurance company that SUCKED. The deductible applied to every visit so I ended up never getting reimbursed for anything. I switched to Healthy Paws and what a difference!!! If you can believe it, Jax just went through ANOTHER emergency surgery and they covered all of it less my deductible and office visit. And it's true. I got the check before my dog got the stitches out. They are extraordinary. I have all my dogs covered by Healthy Paws and because I rescue as well, I start all my rescue dogs off with them. I consider it just as important as microchipping.

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intestinal blockage
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Over $1000

Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Over 8 years

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