8 months of sleepless nights

Out of 10

After 8 months of dealing with sleepless nights while Wedge • gasping while sleeping
• 24 runny nose
3 surgerys later, Soft palate trimmed, Rhinoplasty and Sliding Hernia operation
I am now comfortable to report that our crazy, awesome, funny, lovable pug is finally sleeping with reduced gasping, no runny nose, he can breath 1000 times better, he isn't sucking his stomach in. Bonus his breath doesn't smell bad anymore too. He is almost back to normal.
Thank goodness for the decision 8 years ago to sign up for pet insurance.
Trupanion has helped out on all surgerys. What could have cost us $8k or more. Cost $800.

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Sliding hernia, soft palate, rhinoplasty
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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