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My dog had a severe allergic reaction to accidently ingested peanuts and stopped breathing! We rushed him to our vet who ran inside with him to attempt resussitation. After the 20 longest minutes of our life, she returned him to us. But his breathing was labored. She advised us that he needed overnight care at the local, (extraordinarily expensive) Animal Hospital in case he stopped breathing again. In view of the expense, she also suggested we could stay up all night with him, offering to show us how to resusitate him. We knew we could afford the safest, best treatment because we had the best pet insurance in the world: TruePanion. Not only did you respond promptly to claims filed by both our vet and the animal hospital, saving us from financial hardship, but he did stop breathing again during the night, so you helped to save his life, by allowing us to pursue the best medical care for the love of our life! Thank you Trupanion. We love you.

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stopped breathing
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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