A Lifesaver for My Dog!

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My excellent coverage with VPI made it possible for me to provide my dog the very best care this week when she suddenly and very seriously developed pancreatitis. I am so impressed with the swift and efficient claims processing which was such a support to me in making my financial decisions so I could provide for my dog some very expensive tests and treatments. I myself am an insurance industry professional and with full disclosure I do not work for VPI or any Nationwide company. As an insurance professional I am impressed with the coverage provided backed by the financial strength of Nationwide. As a pet owner who like all of us loves my pet and considers her family, I am impressed by the caring and quick claims service, the very wide coverage for the price of my policy, the ease of buying and paying for my plan, and also the expertise and commitment to pet health of everyone I have dealt with at VPI. This week has been a nightmare and the only thing that has really helped ME the most is knowing I would not have to sacrifice any tests or care for my beloved dog. Chica my bull terrier is now home and recovering, and we will be policyholders for her life and every pet we own. I recommend VPI to everyone at least the most basic plan.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bull Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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