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Hi, I am Thelma, a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel. I am thankful my mommy and daddy got Embrace for me because I now have fresh breath, the antibiotic treatment prevented needing any extractions, and I am skin tag free. I look and smell FAB. I am a bit large and in charge, but Embrace assures me this is temporary and they are even helping with my diet. I have lost 3 pounds. Forms and reimbursement are simple and fast since North Penn Vet helps us with the process. And now, my brother Newman's review.
Mom and dad got smarter over the years. Unfortunately, I a mix breed and 13 years old, too old for full coverage. But fortunately, mom and dad love me so much thay do not mind paying for whatever I need. Embrace Wellness helps, too. Although, Embrace was purchased too late for an old dog like me to have Embrace cover the recent cyst removal or my 2X daily insulin shots and eye drops, arthritis supplements, cataract surgery or lens implant; Embrace fully explained and we expected these things not to be covered by Embrace when we joined. Embrace did pay to clean and extract teeth on an old dog like me. Deciding to do both the cyst removal and teeth at the same time made the process so much easier. My parents would not put an old dog like me under anesthesia, just for a teeth cleaning, for fear it would be too risky. But the cyst had to come off so the Wellness part of Embrace made it easy to decide to do the teeth while the cyst was removed. Now my organs are protected from infection via tooth and gum disease. I am looking mighty fine without that cyst, my breath is great. I am glad I have a mommy and daddy who love me and got wiser with age so they got Embrace for Thelma while she was still so young.

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