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I have had various pet insurance companies over the years - some of the biggest names out there. From claims, to what's covered, to simply getting someone on the phone, all of them have had issues. Embrace is without a doubt the best pet insurance I have ever had.
My story is a little long, but it's what I would want to know, so here goes. In July of 2013, I became a ‘foster failure’ to two kittens, brothers Wyatt + Gray. When I took them in for their final checkup at the rescue, they told me that Gray had a murmur and asked me if I still wanted to adopt him. I said, of course, but had no idea what that really entailed.

I took him to my vet within the first week just to get a baseline. I figured it made sense to have her listen to the murmur so that in a year, when he went in for his annual, we would know if it had gotten any worse. At the same time, I called my most recent pet insurance company, ASPCA. They said that with a murmur, they would not cover him for any medical, only accidental. So I decided to have both boys covered for accidental only. The cost was around $25/month.

A few months ago, I took my guys in for a check-up and asked how the murmur sounded. My vet told me that she had only heard it at the first visit and not once since. In her estimation, she said it was a 'Benign Kitten Murmur' and that he no longer had it. I wondered aloud if he would be eligible for insurance and she said she'd be more than willing to write a letter if need be. She also told me that she had heard great things about Embrace.

I called ASPCA and they said that they'd review the file and her letter, but that it was highly unlikely that they would reverse their decision. Once a murmur, always a murmur. So I called Embrace. From the first call, they were wonderful. They said that I should apply and that after the 14-day waiting period, I would be able to ask for a complete medical review. Once they did that, I would see what would be excluded and what would be covered and if I didn't like it, then I could cancel within the first 30 days for my money back.

I did as they said and it all went very smoothly. On March 19 of this year, they were both covered for both accidental and medical for $42/mo (very competitive pricing!) The great thing about the medical review was that it showed me if there were any temporary or permanent exclusions. Basically, after such-and-such date, then X would be covered. There were no permanent exclusions for my guys, just a fe

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