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My 4-month old puppy Pepper got seriously ill after we sprayed our yard for ticks. We had to rush her to the Emergency Clinic where they had to keep her overnight to run several tests and give her all fluids and various medications intravenously. They sent us home on a Sunday with 4 different medications. I submitted the claim on Monday and they completed their review on Wednesday! In addition to the efficient and speedy claims processing, I received a personal email from them on Sunday asking how our little Pepper was! This wasn't one of those emails that automatically goes out after a few days--it even referenced what had happened to Pepper and told me to give her a hug from Healthy Paws!
This level of customer service is rare--I was a VPI client for almost 14 years with my previous dog (may she rest), and never did I get an email like that. Human medical insurance companies could learn a thing or two from Healthy Paws! It's no wonder they are consistently rated one of the best pet insurance companies out there. Their insurance packages are, themselves, impressive enough--but that kind of customer service is really second to none. As other reviewers have said, they really treat their clients like family.

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Toxicity issues
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shorthaired Pointer

Age of Pet
Under a year

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