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I have been a VPI customer for years and have always relied on them to help pay for vet expenses. This year was especially bad for on of my 4 cats, Bobby. It all started with a small stain in her left eye. She has had a previous injury which was no big deal and that's what I expected this time. To my horror it was a lot worse. She was diagnosed with uveitis of unknown origin. That meant a $1200 diagnostic blood test, eye drops and antibiotics. She has tested positive for feline leukemia, even though previous tests were negative, and bartonellosis. The medication didn't help and she developed glaucoma and lens luxation. I had to take her to a veterinary opthomologist and for another $1500 she had to have her eye removed. Through this ordeal I had no problems getting reimbursed, my vets even handle the paperwork for VPI, and I could concentrate on taking care of Bobby without worrying about the bills piling up. Bobby is still on eye drops for her other eye but she has totally recovered from surgery. My credit card is paid off with the insurance money and the stress is over. Without pet insurance this would have been impossible. I strongly recommend VPI to any pet owner. A sick pet is stressful enough without worrying about your finances.

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Eye problem

Systemic bacterial infection
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1 - 8

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