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Our 2 year old leashed, chipped, and tagged 4 lb. chihuahua/yorkie was bitten and shaken by a stray pit bull type dog (no collar or tags) that only released our Nico after my husband tried choking it and punching it in the nose. Among a plethora of other horrific injuries, a 3" diameter piece of Nico's flesh was bitten off his right side, his chest wall was separated from his body cavity, his spleen was lacerated in two and had to be removed as did part of his liver. His diaphragm was torn and had to be repaired and 8 or 9 ribs were broken, one of which is free floating. He was massively hemmoraging. Because we had Petplan we opted for surgery even though the prognoses was dire for such a small dog. After diagnostics, X-rays, blood tests, surgery, blood transfusions, 6 days in the ICU and more procedures, our vet bills easily exceeded the $10,000.00 cap on our Bronze plan. Yesterday, the day after we submitted our claim, Ed from Petplan called to see how Nico was doing and to let us know that our claim was being expidited so we could be reimbursed for the full $10K as soon as possible. We have since changed Nico's policy from Bronze to Gold and after we pay another $200 deductible he gets another $10K toward continuing treatment for this injury!! Without Petplan our hearts would be ripped out of us as opposed to only starting to mend from being broken by the tragedy that happened to our little trooper, Nico. We are Petplan's #1 advocate for life!

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attacked by unknown dog
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