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I took my 2 cats to Banfield January 02, 2014 in Decatur, AL. We went over prices for deworming and flea treatment. They made mention of their wellness plan and the routine care it would cover with discounts. It sounded really beneficial so I signed them up and paid the fees for the visit,deworming and flea treatment. Then the vet comes out and says the BLOOD TEST they administered on my oldest cat shows he has FIV! I freaked out because it made no sense for him to have it and because I never approved doing a blood test. Then they go over this list of test they have done like ear mite test, stool test, leukemia test, disposition test, the works. And she recommended drugs I could also get to help with his FIV. I declined any further test and medication and went home. I was in so much shock about my cat having cat aids basically, I didn't even think to get really mad about all the other test they did without my permission. We took my oldest cat to another vet to see about the FIV and they said not only would you not be able to test for FIV accurately in-house, but if the cat was vaccinated for it, they definitely would have tested positive for the partial test they did. We had her do a full test and he tested negative for it. I called Banfield and complained about the misdiagnosis and all the vet there kept saying is the newest textbooks in veterinarian science says that its debatable and that she assumed my cat was a stray and had never been vaccinated. I called a vet we had in Tennessee and they confirmed the second vet. I tried to cancel the wellness plan after that never wanting to even see a PetSmart, but they told me all the test they ran if I cancelled it early would be over $1000 up front or I could pay off the 1 year agreement I was never told about which was $38X12. I finally paid it off and it took over 2 days of me calling their cancellation line and billing dept to send me official letters of the account being closed and papers stating they would not charge me again. If you see a PetSmart RUN! Not only is an average vet visit only $40 for a real vet, the "discount" on the periodic medication, like confortis, is the same price at any other vet. 0 benefit to having that plan or getting a professional opinion of the vets they employ.

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