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Thanks to a very observant vet tech, a veterinarian skilled in cardio-thoracic surgery and PetPlan, our mixed Samoyed-German Shepherd dog Foxy was able to celebrate her 11th birthday.
The chest cavity tumor removed was a Thymoma, with a Thyroid Carcinoma and although Foxy still has some residual cancer-producing cells, the immediate threat of the tumor to her heart, lungs and esophagus is now gone.

She is healthy, breathing better, eating well and ready to go outside (in her mind!) We limit her outdoor time and keep her inside on a comfy bed in the family room. We've never had an inside dog before, so this is quite a change for us, but a very nice one!

Foxy's start-to-finish vet bills totaled $4,112.29, and PetPlan reimbursed us for $3,699.12. While we were making our decision, her coverage through PetPlan made it a no-brainer to choose surgery for her.

Her vet care is far from over, but for now it seems follow-up visits and medication are all that are currently in her recovery plan.

Very gratefully yours,

Lauren & Dan Wells
...and Foxy

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