Thank goodness I have VPI insurance for my Bischon

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After a very expensive surgery to remove a bladder stone on my 3 year old Bischon, I started to research pet insurance companies. I checked on VPI and liked what I read. I signed Roxie up in Jan 2014. The bladder stone problem was a pre-existing condition that would not be covered but I figured in case of an accident it would be beneficial to have insurance to fall back on. 2014 was fairly uneventful, she had 2 foot infections (due to excessive licking) and VPI paid well. The monthly cost & what I was reimbursed were a difference of $12. Already in 2015 the insurance has reimbursed me more than the monthly fees will cost me. She was diagnosed with hemmorhagic gastroenteritis - we almost lost her! After several rough days & nights, 2 hospital stays, 3 hydration treatments and numerous medications, she is well again. The vet bill was close to $1,000 and I am very glad to report that VPI paid all but about $150 ($100 was my deductable). My vets office submitted each claim and everything was paid quickly with no questions. Having the insurance makes going to the vet a lot less stressful and so much easier on the pocketbook

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Skin problem



Hemmoragic gastroenteritis
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Bichon Frise

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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