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My seven-year-old Jack Russell/Toy Fox terrier mix has been insured with healthy Paws since 2012. In the summer of 2014, she had a claim for a disc injury to her back that was treated with steroid medication and crate rest. The injury resolved after six weeks and she was back to her old self in a couple of months. There were no problems with processing of this claim at all with Healthy Paws - she had never had any prior symptoms for this injury. 
Last weekend, out of the blue and for no apparent reason, she was in extreme pain and could not use her back legs. She must have jumped or twisted wrong. After undergoing a CT scan, it was determined that she ruptured a disc in her T12-13. We were devastated as we had only two options - let her live with pain and without use of her back legs or undergo spinal surgery. Thank goodness we had Healthy Paws pet insurance. Although we would have paid anything to get our baby back to normal, having this pet insurance make the decision easier. Our bill was nearly $4500, and we only have to pay $1,000 (they do not cover the initial consult or exam fees- only treatment)

I have to admit that several times throughout the past couple of years, I had debated on canceling the coverage as I was paying $36 a month for "what if "something happens? Well, the WHAT IF what if came and I'm grateful I
kept coverage on her. I have the 80% coverage with $100 deductible. 
The claims process is easy- scan and email the bill, have your vet forward the records and within 24 - 48 hours, you get the claim processed. This time the surgeons office sent the bill and records directly to Healthy Paws, and within six hours I received a confirmation email that they were processing the claim. The next day, I received the email that the claim was processed, and the check was being issued. The Explanation of Benefits form was provided online and I knew exactly how much the check was going to be. 

I'm happy to report that our dog is doing GREAT and she should be walking unassisted in no time - the surgery was a GREAT SUCCESS! Knowing I have insurance also gives me the option of having her undergo physical therapy at the doctor's office to ensure her proper treatment and healing. There are NO caps on the amount they pay towards your fur baby's treatment!

Healthy Paws also sent a follow up email to see how she was doing - my own health insurance company has never done that!!

I love Healthy Paws pet insurance. They were/are amazing!! TEN

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Ruptured disk in spine
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/23/2015

I had a similar experience. Our Doxie is 4.5 years old. Had a Herniated Disc...surgery. $6500. Claim was submitted the same day I picked her up from surgery and I had an email that the claim was processed the same day. I got the check the next week for over $5,000 and I was elated. I am so glad I took out insurance on Hailey. They even emailed me to see how she was doing. Great company and I have been referring others to it. Ellyn Silverman