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First let me state we are keeping Embrace, but they asked for the review so here it is. Our dog has a chronic gastric condition typical of the breed. Our Vet decided that it was medically necessary to have his stomach tacked (gastoplexey) to prevent torsion from bloat, usually a fatal condition. We submitted a pre-certification to Embrace which was approved, had the surgery and submitted the claim---WHICH WAS DENIED! How do you deny a pre-authorized claim????
After the requisite indignation on our part, to their credit they honored their pre-approval and paid the claim. Embrace never did inform us what the issue was---did the pre-auth person screw up or did the claims agent? The way their note to us saying the'll honor the claim was written seemed to indicate that it should not have been approved to begin with since it was "preventative" even though the Vet said it was medically necessary to potentially prevent his death from bloat.

So in the end it worked out but the stress we were put through, for the albeit only for a day, worrying about the vet bill was upsetting. I will give them high kudos for honoring their pre-certification, but they should have seen it internally and we should never have been the wiser--the actual submitted claim should just have been paid.

Otherwise, we really like the comfort of having pet insurance on our dearly loved pet.

P.S.: They do take a long time to process claims, and some glitch in their email notification system did't notify us of the claim status. I logged in wondering what was taking to long and found the 16+ days old denial--so this added to the stress because appeals have to be filed within 14 days. Epic fail administratively.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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