Nothing Comes Between Me and My Petplan!

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As if the holidays aren't stressful enough, our nosy two year-old beagle Jello decided a few days before Christmas to help herself to some dirty laundry. After bringing her to the vet with excessive vomiting and pain, it wasn't long before a blockage was confirmed and our baby girl went in for her first overnight stay in the hospital. As December 25 crept closer, all I wanted was for Jello to come home for Christmas, no matter what the cost! Finally we got the blissful news at 8 AM on Christmas Eve that our wonderful vet was sending her home after a three-day stay and surgery to remove "two small strips of fabric" (later determined to be two pairs of Mom's underwear) from her intestine.
After the initial thrill and gratitude of having her home for the holidays wore off, the reality of the $2,400+ vet bill we had just incurred set in. We submitted our claim and supporting documentation right away, and it appeared in our online claims portal within just a few days. After about two weeks, I received an update that the claim was momentarily delayed as Petplan needed some additional information from our animal hospital, but the communications made sure to let me know that they would make all of the contacts and all I had to do was sit back and wait. Another week or so later, we had a check in the mail for $1,800!

I am so grateful that I worked for an organization that offered a discount on Petplan - but I still did the research on every other insurance company before purchasing our first policy. But from the experiences we've had, I can't imagine having any other company cover our little underwear thief!

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Foreign Body Ingestion
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