Amazing customer service!

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I had my first experience with Petplan when my poodle developed a cancer in his foot the end of 2014 ... we went through several months diagnosis, treatment, and eventual toe amputation before getting my Oscar back to his happy healthy self. The agents at Petplan are nothing short of AMAZING and believe when I say I am not prone to hyperbole. They were there whenever I had a question, when bumps came along in treatment plans, and when a personal issue threatened my policy we got all the kinks worked out.
Bear in mind, the first claim WILL take a few weeks. I completely recommend that you are upfront and proactive and make sure when you sign into a policy that you contact ALL your vets and treatment centers and have all your records faxed to Petplan from the get-go. This will speed up the turnover time when it comes time to submit a claim. That was the only hold up in my case, as my vet and an emergency vet that had treated Oscar once before had not sent in full records and we had to negotiate that before processing my claim.

I had a generous payout and I am grateful for that.
Thank you to Amy Bellingrath and all the crew at Petplan!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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