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This pet insurance policy is absolutely horrific. I paid several hundred dollars into having a policy for my puppy. She had several conditions and I spent a couple thousand dollars paying for her treatment and I was so grateful I had pet insurance at that time. Then, I spent several hours every day on the phone faxing and emailing documents because no one was receiving anything. After 2 months of doing this back and forth with documentation, when I called to confirm that finally they had received everything, I was then informed that the $100 deductible was for EACH CONDITION separately, not for the year in total. Of course my puppy had several different conditions so the charges were split up and none of them met any deductibles. I got no money back from this. What an enormous waste of time and money.

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Skin problem



parasites, tapeworm, kennel cough, fleas, allergic reactions
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 04/07/2015

The plan clearly states in pretty bold wording....NOT IN FINE PRINT that each condition has it's own deductible. It's inconceivable that you didn't know each condition had a separate deductible. Of course, other plans by other companies might not have those stipulations, but then you'd have to pay for it in higher premiums. IMHO, the plans offered by Pet Plan are a very good, solid value for the money. On a separate note, YES, I do read the fine print in ALL legal documents, including all the ones to purchase properties, etc. What fool wouldn't? But, like I said, in the case of Pet Plan, the deductibles per condition are not in the fine print, but up front and bold at the time of purchase.

Posted: 01/08/2015

Pet Plan is wonderful insurance. YOU should have read your contract. Why blame the company because you did not read the policy?

Posted: 02/11/2015

Agreed with the above comment. It states right on their website it is PER illness/injury. You should have read the policy so you knew what you were purchasing.

Posted: 02/22/2015

This makes no sense! You would have to have 20 different conditions to amount to meeting what you so call your 100 dollar deductible! Yet you say several / a couple which refers to two!

Posted: 02/27/2015

This company is a joke! All they do is ask for stuff, lots of documents, moving extremely slowly with processing the claims, they don't notify when raise the cost - YEARLY - my policy doubled in three years and I got no notice. Paying $40.00/month for nothing! Horrible people, such a shame...
And, to the lady Carmela - did you really read all the documents on your account?? Really? Maybe you have nothing to do with your life, then...