Saved our 1 year old Golden's life!

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Aspen is our 4th golden retriever & the first we decided to insure as a puppy last January since cancer rates are going up in goldens. Never in a million years did we think we'd use the insurance so soon!
She suddenly went downhill one day & started vomiting & then stopped eating. We took her to the vet (we are rural) got her on meds 2 days later, she was no better & we found black tarry stools (which means internal bleeding). So the vet sends us to Kansas City to a 24 hour Animal Hospital that has all of the right care & diagnostics. Her red blood cell count went from normal the day she went down when we found the black tarry stools, to so low she had to have a blood transfusion!

Xrays showed no foreign bodies, Ultrasound nothing. Lots of negative lab work for all the usual suspects. Aspen was a big mystery that was critical. She had an exploratory open abdominal with biopsies! She was so bad we thought we were going to lose her at one point!! She had 2 blood transfusions & a platlet transfusion! What happened is still a puzzle to all the Vets involved.

Several fell in love with her at the facility. She thankfully is back to a hyper normal 1 year old puppy!! We would have had to put her down if I knew that our bill was going to be $7000! We love her and I can't imagine not having her around for another 12+ years!

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