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My 6.5 year old Golden Retriever presented with vestibular disease symptoms along with a low fever on January 5, 2015. I took her to my regular vet who did a full exam. He believed her condition to be peripheral Vestibular Disease and sent us home with some medication. The following morning, she was worse. She had a lose of coordination, head tilt and was having a hard time walking. I took her agin to my vet who again re-examined her and took blood for further analysis. Her fever was a bit higher so he sent us home with an antibiotic. That evening around 9:30, her temperature hit 104.4 while I was using ice to try to bring it under control. At that point I rushed her to the emergency where she spent the night. In the morning she was examined by a neurologist who found her to have central vestibular issues, which point to inflammation of the brain. She had an MRI and spinal tap that showed she did in fact have sever inflammation of the brain and surrounding tissue. She was put on IV fluids along with heavy antibiotics and steroid therapy to reduce the swelling. She spent the next 3 days in intensive care. This was a very upsetting and stressful situation, I almost lost my girl. I was comforted by the knowledge that she was covered by Healthy Paws so I at least did not have to worry that I could not afford to pay for all the life-saving care she desperately needed. Thank you so much, Healthy Paws for being there for us when we needed you most.

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