Excellent service overall

Out of 10

Our dog Dexter has been suffering from lymphoma for almost 2 years. Thanks to Trupanion the financial stress of Dexter's 12 months' long chemotherapy and many related tests and medication was relieved immensely. They have been prompt and pleasant in dealing with all of our claims and we would recommend their pet insurance to anyone. The only minor complaint we have is that Trupanion does not cover the vet's examination fee which is fair enough if it relates to regular health checkups and maintenance but is not fair when the only reason for the exam is that your dog has cancer and the exams are related to the cancer diagnosis. Our vet took this up with Trupanion but they did not allow the exam fee. Dexter appears to have been in remission since the end of his chemo altho regular exams are required to ensure he has not relapsed. Trupanion made a terrifying and heartbreaking diagnosis easier to bear and deal with.

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Claim Amount
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Age of Pet
1 - 8

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