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We've had VPI coverage for all of our dogs over the years (all Golden Retrievers) who have managed to have a variety of health adventures. They have ranged from the worst (an immune system disorder - eventually fatal) to skin rashes, to eating the inedible (e.g., a harness and three stuffed toys in one sitting), some of which had to be removed 'procedurally.' Some of the bills have been breath-taking (up to $27,000 for the immune disorder, which included a spleen removal and several drug therapies over the course of 8 months). We also have routine vaccinations & checkup coverage, etc. VPI has always promptly paid what the plan promised & the checks come with thorough explanations of what was & wasn't paid and instructions for appealing. While we always wish insurance would cover more and provided higher reimbursements (and used updated 'usual & customary fee schedules), the plans have more than paid for themselves. Submitting claims is a breeze. Of course, we never want to USE insurance. But since "Stuff Happens" it's critical to keep The Kids healthy without going totally broke. We'd never put down or re-home a dog because we couldn't afford a vet procedure. VPI helps us keep our promise to them without robbing a Filthy Rich Person at gunpoint, which we would gladly do to give our dogs the healthcare they need. Thanks to VPI, we have the reimbursements to prove we give our Dogs better healthcare than Republicans give their own family. We also have a rescue terrier who came with another Insurance plan. Within 6 months -- with zero claims having been filed -- the carrier announced it was raising her rates 20%. We dumped them fast & got another non-VPI plan so we could compare experience with VPI; so far, no claims experience to compare (& she's 14 years old). Every plan has its + and - so it pays to shop. But overall VPI has been solid and dependable. Our only complaint is the usual complaint about all insurance companies: VPI should cover more & pay more 7 for less premiums. But until we get Single Payer Universal Health Care for animals (after we get rid of the Republicans), we'd recommend VPI to anyone who loves their Dogs.

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immune disorder
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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