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I don't understand why so many people are complaining. You sign a contract for a year for pet insurance. You receive a lot of services up front, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, check ups. Of course you have to live up to your contract. You are still paying for services you have already received. I think pet insurance offers great peace of mind. I appreciate the fact teeth cleaning is part of the services offered. Also, this is preventative care. If my pet gets hit by a car or develops cancer...I will pay more for his medical needs. I will get a discount but still...just like with humans....medical care can be costly. We just signed up for Banfield. The contract is very clear. My new pup received all of his vaccines, a full check up, and is scheduled to have his final vaccine and teeth cleaning. I will continue to pay for this month to month for one year. If my dog dies...I will still pay. I will be grateful for the services I received for my pet knowing I did the best I could to ensure a happy, healthy dog.

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Japanese Chin

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1 - 8

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Posted: 09/26/2014

We were upset with this service because of the presure used to get you to sign up. They told us our dog was very sick and that having this plan would help us better afford her medical cost. I took het to another vet and although she had to suffer through the same test and more she does not have the illness Banfield said she had. The scary part is, would Banfield have continued to treat her and charge me the "discounted" cost from their plan? Yes I believe they would have! My dog is fine because we did not go back to Banfield. I've paid for my year now, done with Banfield! Trying to talk to their billing department was a BAD joke.

Posted: 09/30/2014

I wasn't told it was a contract when I signed up. They also misdiagnosed my cat with FIV and ran a bunch of unnecessary test. I had to find out by 2 other vets that they would not have been able to actually test for FIV in house and that the test they did would have tested positive every time since he was vaccinated for it. No one is mad that it comes with a contract. I'm mad that they are allowed to misdiagnose animals without repercussions. sure the plan sounds good but once you find out they had unqualified and unethical vets working for them who would be ok with that.

Posted: 10/05/2014

My year is up, what do you have to do the cancel this dang thing?! I have called... I have emailed...and again, today they took another $32.95 out of my bank! I'm so over Banfield!!!! Never again!

Posted: 10/13/2014

We are satisfied with Banfield, we need to upgrade because of our dogs age.

Posted: 11/14/2014

That is because they misdiagnose so many of their clients pets! There is no consistency in care, and most of the vets have no clue what they are doing! All the vet assistants are untrained and over worked. Most Banfield over book pets, and because of lack of knowledge, and time restraints, pets are given poor care. This leads to misdiagnosis, poor care, and poor communication between vet and clients. Look at the ratings on Yelp! Most are poor! I am sure you work for this horrid company. How many pets have you helped kill?

Posted: 12/15/2014

After being wrongly diagnosed, my dog had to be euthanized at a different pet hospital 4 days after signing up for their wellness plan. He received NONE of the services in the contract and yet I am supposed to continue to pay for it for the next year. I have full coverage through an actual pet insurance plan and death of the insured means the contract is over. Just like any other insurance in any other industry - health, auto, etc.