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They are not what I consider insurance, and now I know I was foolish for doing it. I hope you don't. They are located conveniently in Petsmart, and OK as long as you have a well pet and don't need much, including extended hours. Yearly checkup kind of thing, and dental, etc. They have no ultrasound, and I am not sure of xray or else they would have taken one of my dog! Their hours are from 7-5 daily. For serious stuff, they can't help, and yet you are still paying for the plan. My Corgi had an intestinal blockage, and I brought him in, but it was around 4 so they referred me to an all night emergency vet who charged me big time, and yet didn't resolve the problem, took xrays which showed a slight shadow, said they were on a disc for me to show regular (Banfield) vet. I went back to Banfield, and they had no way to read the xrays on the disc. Then referred me to yet another emergency vet, and by this time he was super sick with seizures. The second vet (tried to read the disc and it was blank!!!), laid out a surgical treatment plan for $6K, which I couldn't pay. Regular insurance would have saved his life, and the monthly cost was similar. After my dog was euthanized, there were a few months left on my plan, which they waived because they felt sorry for me, I think. A few months later, my German Shepherd, also 'covered' by Banfield was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a blood cancer. Apart from bloodwork, there wasn't anything that they cover that could help her situation except prescription food, so no help there either. I got her chemo+holistic treatment, and paid a lot of cash. Again, after she died, there was only a month left on the contract, so they waived the remainder for me. I now have 2 new dogs and full insurance on both and would not be without it.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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