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I've had dogs my whole life and never purchased any insurance than I started working with a rescue group and adopted one of my fosters. A 4 week old dobie lab mix (who's a little nuts). She started out eating tons of rocks I worried I'd have medical issue with her so I got her insured. She grew out of rock eating and never had a issue with it but, later had several different issued from and mystery blood virus, to severed tendon, pulled muscle. All of which Trupanion covered the majority of the cost. When she had the blood virus she was in and out of the hospital for over a week. It was thought that she had a heart condition (cardiomyopathy). After seeing my two previous elder dogs die from heart failure i was scared to live without knowing if she had a heart condition that could cause her to go into heart failure. With the insurance I was able to have an ultrasound and be assured her heart was healthy and working 100%. Still not sure what was wrong with her (maybe spider bite) but 100% sure not a heart condition. THANKS Trupanion

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