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After reading all the nasty reviews I felt the company could use some good words. Under the terms & conditions of my policy the company has 60 days to respond to my claims. So I count myself lucky if it's done sooner and appreciate the fact that turnaround times can always vary. Why people are holding the INSURANCE COMPANY liable for the time frame the MAIL takes to get to them is ridiculous. My pet had surgery to remove a lump a while back. I followed the instructions and made sure they had everything they needed and my claim was paid hassle free. This business of holding them responsible for missing info for YOUR claims is nonsense. If it's your claim to file then file it. Don't leave it for someone else (your clinic) to submit for you. Take responsibility for your pet and your insurance. I would recommend this company to those who actually understand and grasp insurance. They are nothing but pleasant to work with!

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Skin problem

Lump Removal
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/17/2014

I see over 40 pages of negative reviews over many months time span for several very concerning issues, many with denial of claims for preexisting conditions that sounds like they were clearly not preexisting, and most of the complaints about very poor service with late payments. I am searching for insurance for my new puppy. The cost of this insurance is very close to the cost of other providers and the others do not have these negative reviews! Sounds like Purina managed it very well and the problems really surfaced with the new owners. Several months to receive a payment seems to be the norm in these complaints. That is outrageous compared to the other companies. It doesn't appear to be as much a matter of people not reading their policy as it is misrepresentation by the sales and customer service reps, mismanagement of day to day business operations and just down right poor service. I plan to use another provider thank you.

Posted: 06/01/2015

In a way I agree most of the time people make mistakes, however you have to deliver what you promise. If you set a time limit 60 day than make it happen. I believe they do not provide what has been promised and paid for.