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Happy to report that Button, our rescue Yorkshire terrier, is on the mend and feeling his old perky self! Button had eaten a non-skid rug and within two weeks of this incident, he was in the animal hospital twice for vomiting, lethargy and diarreha. We were worried sick. According to the Vet at the animal hospital, the little guy seems to have a very sensitive tummy and can be allergic to any kind of food that flies -- so he banned from turkey, duck and chicken. We were very worried dog parents while he was recovering in the animal hospital--he was a very sick little guy. He is now on a very strict limited ingredient diet.
I am so thankful to have the peace of mind of having Healthy Paws pet insurance. In my mind, I never wanted to make a decision for a sick dog (especially one with a lot of living ahead of him) based upon high veterinary costs and care. I have the 90% reimbursement (after a $500 yearly deductible) and the insurance does not cover Vet exams (small cost in my book). The Vet bill was over $1700 for once overnight stay with x-rays. In Button's care, having this insurance this was comforting when I was presented with a vet bill that could put a family into debt. Your reimbursement of the claim was prompt, and customer care is great. I have been talking to a lot of pet parents, and it seems that I made a good decision with Healthy Paws as health care insurance for my Button! This coverage will suit Button just fine for what I hope is a healthy long life ahead.

Thank you again!

Ann, Mark and Button

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Yorkshire Terrier

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1 - 8

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