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Several years ago we adopted a yorkie female that was 3 years old. Within 3 months of adopting her she developed some problems that resulted in us having to have her put down after we exhausted over $5000 of our savings trying to save her. At that very moment I swore I would never own a pet without insurance so that I am not in a situation where finances make the decision of life or death. Insurance may not have made a difference in the final outcome, but I certainly would have been able to do much more.
2 years ago, we purchased a yorkie puppy. The day I brought home I purchased Trupanion for his protection and my piece of mind. Just recently we made our first claim. Bailey "stole" a bone without our knowledge and ate the entire thing! It appears that tiny pieces of it lodged in his digestive track and made him very sick. We had a policy with zero deductable and 90% coverage and I was so much more comfortable knowing money would never be an issue in his treatment decisions. We were fortunate that we have an excellent vet and we were able to clear his situation without surgery and he made a full recovery. We were reimbursed by Trupanion within 10 days of his discharge. The staff at Trupanion were attentive to us and did everything possible to insure that we recieved speedy claim service. I highly recommend it!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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