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I spent a great deal of time reviewing the different plans and purchased the Healthy Paws' 90%/$100 plan. The first day they quoted me $34.01 for my 3 year old 10-pound dog. The next day when I purchased the plan I was given a different quote, they ultimately charged my credit card $35.80. I purchased the plan because their website said I was getting a discount, but it actually was an increase.
I had a friend purchase the plan with the same information from a different web browser and computer; his quote came up as $34.01. When he tried to purchase it again, the price increased to $35.80, then to $37.30. We took screenshots of each price change.

I called Healthy Paws customer service and was told "a manager will call me back within 5 hours." I quickly spoke to another phone representative who said he didn't work there but took the "over-calls" and couldn't help me.

Healthy Paws never returned my phone call so I cancelled the insurance plan.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Miniature Pinscher

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/01/2014

We’re sorry for the discrepancies on the various quotes for coverage. It definitely sounds like a temporary system problem we encountered during that time period. One of our managers would have been more than willing to look at your documentation and make sure you were charged the correct premium.

On your immediate call after being informed a manager would give you a call back, you spoke to the answering service we use when all of our customer care team are on other calls. They are tasked with getting information to our customer care team and do not have access to policy information or the ability to answer questions on premiums, etc.

The Healthy Paws Team