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My dog is a 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever named Bo. He came to me 8 weeks old and full of life ready to see me into my senior years. After a full day of play, Bo began vomiting. A trip to our local Vet confirm he had a serious condition with symptoms of an obstructed or ruptured intestine (diagnostics fee $791). We were referred to a specialist at a nearby Veterinary Hospital specializing in emergency health conditions. They confirmed a septic abdomen and gave Bo a 50% chance of living through the night. The estimate of the surgery to try to save his life was $5,000. The alternative was to put Bo to sleep. How can you condemn your best friend? I authorized the surgery. They found the small intestines and liver pretty much involved with cancer (hepatic adenocarcinoma). The surgeon resectioned the intestine and placed Bo into critical care for recovery. The critical care recovery cost was estimated at an additional $3500. I agreed to the care. During the course of his critical care Bo required several blood transfusions and other expensive treatments.
Six days after admission, Bo was sent home without any options to treat the very aggressive cancer. We have had three weeks of shared affection and take it one day at a time. Worth the effort and expense? I can't speak for Bo but the additional time to say goodbye has been an emotional roller coaster that I will remember for the balance of my life. PetPlan insurance made the financial sacrifice doable even though I had short-sighted purchase the $10,000 plan. When Bo is no longer with me, I will bring a new friend into my home and he will have the best insurance available from PetPlan. PetPlan issued a check for $10,000 without delay and offered their concern for Bo.
The insurance was a lifesaver; my only regret is that I did not get the premium plan!

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Intestinal and Hepatic
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Golden Retriever

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