Denied my claim when my dog was diagnosed w cancer

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The reason why I am writing this review yrs after my issue with VPI is bc a friend of mine is interested in pet insurance and I told him to NEVER go with VPI. I rescued my little dog (yorkie mix) in 2010 and got pet insurance right away. I provided full disclosre to VPI telling them that my dog was hurt badly before I rescued him and they had to do a partial amputation to his back left leg. I asked the associate on the phone if this would be considered a pre-exiting condition if anything were to happen to the rest of his leg or his back right leg. I was told no, because they removed the problem when they removed part of his leg. A year after I had him, the femur in the remaining protion of his leg snapped in half while he was playing with my sister's pomeranian. I took him to the vet and it was in his best interest to have it completely removed. After I got the results back from the biopsy on his femur we found out it was cancer that caused that bone to break in half like that. Thank goodness the cancer did not spread. I submitted all of my info (they had all of my dog's vet records from when the shelter took him in and had the partial amputation done) so they had his entire history since when he was brought into the shelter and to the day he had the remaining left amputated. What was supposed to be 2 weeks to hear from VPI on my case, took almost 2 months. They kept asking for more info and finally I get this "oh so friendly" letter from them denying my claim completely saying that they were considering cancer as a pre-exiting condition, and that because I removed the rest of a leg that was removed a yr before, they would not reimburse me for any of it. My dog did not have cancer before. My vet records clearly showed that. When I rescued him, I brought him into a vet right away to get a full check up. Blood work, scans, etc bc I wanted to make sure he was ok and if I had anything to worry about. When my dog was brought into the shelter, both of his back legs were so badly broken, that wasn't caused by cancer, but rather maybe some sort of abuse or being hit by a car. NOT by cancer. To be told by a company who supposedly cares for pets and their owners,that cancer is pre-exisiting, shows they don't care. Imagine being stressed out that your dog has to go through yet another amputation but then to be told this time it was bc of cancer, and then be denied is disheartening. I got pet insurance because I wanted to be responsible and make sure my

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amputation/ cancer
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Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

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Posted: 10/03/2014

Take this information to your state department of insurance, file a FORMAL complaint. Also demand to know WHO the person that reviewed your claim was. If they are NOT a vet then they do NOT have the ability to make such a determination, unless a VET signed off on it.
They are giving veterinary opinion which is medical opinion, that is PRACTICING veterinary medicine without a license, even if it is post veterinary activity about your files.