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At the recommendation of several clients of Pet Plan I decided to enroll my then 8 year old dog Pearl. After about a year and a half of thankfully never needing Pet Plan's services, Pearl was diagnosed with diabetes. Pet Plan helped make the diagnoses and immediate treatments far more manageable. Shortly after that Pearl had the misfortune of getting cataracts caused by her diabetes resulting in her going blind. I found out from my vet that eye surgery was an option but an expensive option. I sent Pet Plan a pre-authorization form to see just how much they would cover and, based on that, if I could afford the surgery for Pearl. A couple days later I found out I would only be out of pocket about $1,100! Very affordable considering I'd be giving Pearl back her sight. I scheduled the surgery, which went quite well, and filed the paperwork with Pet Plan through the treating vet. Everything went very smoothly and I had my reimbursement in hand within, I believe, 15 business days. It was exactly accurate to the pre-authorization. No unexpected surprises! Pet Plan has been great in helping manage Pearl's condition and I'm happy to say she is now doing exceptionally well and acting younger than her years! Without Pet Plan, I don't know that I could have afforded to get Pearl the top notch treatment she's received and, I may have had to put her down. Now I'm hopefully going to have a number of great years left with her.

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