Shabby treatment of shelter pets

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I adopted a cat from a local shelter that offered a month of PetFirst insurance free of charge--a nice offer, since many shelter pets need to be treated for upper respiratory infections picked up at the shelter. I took my cat twice to the vet and submitted a claim for $126 for the two visits. PetFirst required me to submit the receipts, the vet's handwritten notes, the adoption papers and medical history, plus the claim form. After 7 weeks, I received a check for $26 because of a $50 deductible per "incident." Now, I had not selected a plan, so I'm not sure how the company decided that I had a $50 deductible per incident. Further, it's just mean to promise a nonprofit animal shelter that adopters will receive a month of free care and then to apply deductibles that basically reduce amounts paid to almost nothing. Finally, the company keeps sending me notices to buy a policy, the cheapest of which is more than $40 a month. Shame on this company. I plan to relate my experience to the shelter and urge it to switch to another company.

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Upper respiratory
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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