Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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My cats have had this insurance for 3 years. I was just asked by a staff person at the shelter I volunteer at to make sure I was receiving a discount for not only being a volunteer there but also because my cats are microchipped. When I called, I found out I hadn't been receiving the discount for my cats microchips which was discussed in my initial phone call and sent in my initial paperwork-it's in bold and circled on both of their kennel cards-which was in the required paperwork. When I asked to be refunded, I was told I could not be, therefore I asked to talk with a manager. I was told I would be called in 24 hrs. I was not and waited 1 1/2 wks with no call, so I called again, lots of apologies, then again was not called-this time I waited 2 weeks. I called again 3 days ago and still have not heard from a manager.I had very poor customer service long before this-waiting on hold for 30 minutes never reaching anyone. I called several different times a day for 5 days and never reached anyone. When I left my # for a call back, I wasn't called back.
I will obviously be canceling our plans!

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