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I adopted my cat from a shelter a year ago. She was underweight and I wanted to make sure she was ok, so took her straight to the vet. The vet wanted to do bloodwork due to her weight, and kept her overnight. While there, after being taken from a shelter to a new cage, and fed different food, she vomited a bit of the new food. Bloodwork and a urinalysis ruled out the beginnings of kidney disease (this is noted on her records as ruled out), and she was deemed fine, just thin. I got insurance through Trupanion, after much research, right after I'd adopted her, but it didn't kick in for the 30 days, so didn't cover her original visit, which I knew.
After she came home, she had a couple of instances of vomiting (she is, after all, a cat), once from eating what seemed to be a bad can of food, once from eating some hair and throwing it right back up, etc. As I was a new pet parent, worried about her, I called the clinic to ask about these things. The clinic noted that I'd called and for what in her file.

This year, she was seen for constipation and blood and urinalysis determined she did have kidney disease. I put in claims for this visit and the special food she's now on.

These claims were all denied because of... vomiting. She was not vomiting before the visit that ended up diagnosing her, and previously, kidney disease had been ruled out.

When I was on the phone with the claims rep meant to explain this seeming discrepancy to me, she said that they'd denied the claim because it was a preexisting condition - despite the bloodwork and urinalysis ruling it out previously, because she had previously vomited, which can be a symptom of kidney disease.

The woman said that if I could provide medical evidence that the kidney disease was not preexisting, they'd reconsider.

I pointed out that it would seem blood and urine tests ruling out kidney disease were medical evidence. But, I was told, there was vomiting!

I asked if vomiting was somehow the definitive marker for kidney disease, even when clinical testing ruled it out. Oh, that's not what she was saying, she assured me, but my cat had vomited even after I'd gotten insurance. Yes, so?

"That shows the disease was progressing."

The... disease that was clinically ruled out? The one she didn't have? It was progressing? Yes, I was told.

I asked, if I had a fever, and was checked for Ebola, and the clinical test for it came back negative, and I was shown to have no Ebola virus in my bloo

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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