Great Coverage for Late-onset, Idiopathic Epilepsy

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When our 9 year old chihuahua mix suddenly started having seizures every 2 weeks, we feared the worst. The normal process of elimination in diagnosing the cause of epilepsy includes a veterinary neurologist (specialist) ruling out brain disease, cancer and inter-cranial mass, which involves costly tests such as MRI and spinal tap. We quickly ran up a number of costly vet bills totaling more than $4500.
Fortunately the tests ruled out any visible disease or cancer, and the medication he was prescribed have brought the seizures under control for now.

My PetPlan Bronze plan with a $200 deductible and 80% coverage took that claim and paid out over $3600 of these expenses, much to our relief! PetPlan even covered alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, which really helped our dog cope with the symptoms.

I would definitely recommend PetPlan to anybody who is wondering if pet insurance is "worth it."

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