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After paying for this insurance for 1 solid year, totaling over $500. I called to get a quote for coverage on my sick dog and they told me i needed to provide a Vet routine check up from at least 1 year prior to signing up! I said, "Excuse me??? Wouldn't you ask for that prior to taking my money???" They said, "Oh, it's in our contract mam." I talked to my vet and he said he's never heard of such a thing and they should reimburse me and I'm looking into it. Seriously, why take my money??? These people are crooks. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/07/2015

So let me get this straight... You have a sick dog, and you go to buy pet insurance so that your expenses will be covered to take care of the dog that's already sick??? That sounds like someone who would try to buy fire insurance on house that is already on fire! Sorry, that's not what insurance is for. Don't believe me? Look up "insurance" in the dictionary.

Posted: 02/11/2015

It IS in their contract. I EASILY found that one their WEBSITE and I don't even have a policy. EVER pet insurance requires this. How else can they rule out pre-existing conditions?? You should have read the policy and all the terms and conditions.

Posted: 02/27/2015

Same here! The least they can do when you sign up is to make you aware of this tiny little aspect! Go have you pet checked up annually (at your own cost, on top of the monthly insurance)! Are you kidding me?? I bet they made a load of money on this one. Shame on you, Petplan!!
I just cancelled, too late, though.