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There's a saying you get what you pay for and this holds true in many ways for PetPlan. I am the owner of a middle aged English Bulldog, she just turned 5 in January and so far has been very healthy. She is very athletic and active especially given genetically they aren't dealt the best hand and this manifested itself for the first time last month with a torn ACL and Meniscus. I took her straight to the vets and the news was swiftly delivered that she would need a surgery to reconstruct her back leg knee joint. My vet apologized as he said it would be an expensive surgery and even with insurance I'd still likely be thousands out of pocket due to the procedural maximums that pet insurance companies impose. Not so I said and I explained how I had 100% coverage up to a certain amount with a $200 deductible. He was impressed but also stated quite clearly that he didn't really believe that they would pay out entire and that if they did that he would change his recommendation from Trupanion to PetPlan. The surgery was three weeks ago and I received notification last week that out of the ~$4900 I was billed they had issued me a check for ~$4700. I had to complete one form, send over some medical records and that was sufficient to get this level of reimbursement.
PetPlan is not the cheapest, I'd say that with my 100% coverage and deductible it came out about 15% more expensive than the others but that small premium gets you a MUCH better value thanks to these important differences :-

1. No procedural maximums, if the surgery costs $4000 that's what they will pay, you get a generous maximum benefit amount each year and that is the only financial limitation provided.
2. No exclusion of pre-existing conditions, assuming you maintain continuity of coverage each year any condition that your furry friend has will be covered for life.
3. No exclusions at policy renewal, again assuming the above continuous coverage, if your pet needs the same surgery (on a different leg for example), then it is still covered.
4. They don't penalise you for claiming - the premiums are based on breed and age of the animal and from what I can tell they are consistent no matter how frequently you claim. They do get more expensive with age but so far it still has represented excellent value.

I can't see there being a scenario where I wouldn't have PetPlan for my dog, it is my safety net and protection against life and old age.

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torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

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1 - 8

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