Healthy Paws saved my dog, Louis

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I got Healthy Paws coverage for my French Bulldog Louis when he was seven years old. The monthly payment was reasonable enough, and I felt good just knowing that Louis would be protected in the event that the worst happened. I have 90% coverage with a $250 deductible.
Well, just before he turned ten, the worst happened: Louis was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain and on the base of his heart. He had swelling in the brain from the physical presence of the tumor, causing him a great deal of pain. He couldn't walk, he started having seizures; it was heartbreaking. I felt terrified and helpless. The vet neurologist said that Louis would either need a significant amount of treatment to relieve his pain and improve his circumstances, or else he should be put to sleep.

In NO WAY was I mentally or emotionally prepared to say goodbye to my sweet boy. The vet said that with the correct treatment, Louis had a chance, and because I had Healthy Paws coverage, I didn't even have to think twice: Louis would get the treatment he needed. He had to get multiple MRIs, an echocardiogram, have a brain surgery to have a shunt placed to remove the fluid. He was in the hospital for almost a week, and now (once his skin heals from the brain surgery) he will be getting radiation treatments. The prognosis after successful treatment is 1 - 2 more good years.

None of this would have been possible without Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws covered (or will cover) EVERYTHING (except the standard exam fees) - the hospitalization, the diagnostic tests, the medications, the brain surgery, the radiation treatments - all of it.

Healthy Paws without a doubt saved my beloved dog Louis, because I just could not have afforded the treatment that was necessary to give Louis more good time without them. In addition, the vet hospital would submit the claim, and I would hear back from Healthy Paws that same day. So far, I have the check to cover each of the treatments that Louis has received in less than a week. This has made a huge difference, because I have had to put $6000 at a time on my credit card. If the Healthy Paws payments had not come in as fast as they did, I would have been unable to pay for the next round of treatment.

I am grateful everyday for the extra time I get with Louis, and without question I have Healthy Paws to thank for it. Signing up for Healthy Paws pet health insurance was the smartest thing I ever did.

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French Bulldog

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