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Seriously, it's called a wellness plan for a reason. It's a standard term that's used, it's not some scam that Banfield created to rip you off. It never says that things like x-rays or surgeries are covered. It is never referred to as pet insurance because it is not pet insurance. The people who keep calling it a scam or bad insurance are simply uninformed about the plan or legitimately don't understand what insurance truly is (pet, home, auto, or otherwise). This type of plan on its own without additional pet insurance will be most useful for people with young healthy pets. My plan is just under $30 a month so for a year I pay about $350. Sounds like a lot but considering I get two comprehensive exams which include all vaccines, physical exam, stool sample, routine blood test, and the exam fee (and for the record, ALL vets charge an exam fee just for coming in, usually 50-75) it very easily pays for itself, sometimes in 1 visit. It's also nice not having to worry about paying the exam fee if I want to bring in my dog between comprehensives. Like I said, probably best for younger pets. Pets that are getting older won't get too much benefit because just about anything else is not fully covered. I think they give you like a 10% discount on other procedures and medicines. When I needed x-rays for my dog, I got a small discount on the x-rays but also didn't have to pay the exam fee. I knew that going in because that's exactly what is stated in the contract I signed. When I brought my dog in for a skin irritation problem, they examined her, shaved part of her to get a good look at her skin, and gave me a diagnosis for something like $30. My dog is not old yet, but getting closer to getting older (she will be 6). My Banfield contract is up in July so I will probably start looking into pet insurance soon so that I won't get hit with pre-existing conditions later in her life. Also, for people who are complaining that if you want to cancel you have to finish payout out your contract: DUH. It's a contract. You signed a legally binding document agreeing that you would pay through the end of your contract. Why people think they can break a legal contract without any repercussions is just beyond me. Overall, I rated this as an 8 out of 10. It'd be nice if more procedures were covered or the discount were higher, but it's still a good value for healthy pets. The people who keep complaining that it's not pet insurance, well, it's not pet insurance.

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Skin problem

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Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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